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Clients value our ability to apply and communicate state-of-the-art approaches clearly and convincingly, our commitment to deliver unbiased findings, and our reputation for quality and integrity. We focus on client needs while conducting analyses based on rigorous, objective research, whether retained by counsel for plaintiffs or defendants.


Alameda County, Oakland, CA
Baker Manock & Jensen PC, Fresno, CA
Bish Law, Newhall, CA
Belden Blaine Raitys LLP, Bakersfield, CA
Boddie & Associates PC, Los Angeles, CA
CalAsian Chamber of Commerce, Sacramento, CA
California Health Sciences University, Clovis, CA
Carter Law Group, Fresno CA
Chandler Law, Fresno, CA
City of Fresno, Fresno, CA
Dias Law Firm, Hanford, CA
Freedman Law, Fresno, CA
Fresno County EDC, Fresno, CA
Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani LLP, Sacramento, CA
Hutchison & Steffen, Las Vegas, NV
Johnson, Rovella, Retterer, Rosenthal & Gilles LLP, Salinas, CA
Law Office of Carl Brown, Fresno, CA
Law Office of Christian B. Green, Santa Ana, CA
Law Office of Daniel Farrar, Turlock, CA
Law Office of David L. Milligan, Fresno, CA
Law Office of Gary J. Hill, Fresno, CA
Law Office of George Allen, Sacramento, CA
Law Office of James S. Rummonds, Aptos, CA
Law Office of Kevin G Little, Fresno, CA
Law Office of Lang, Richert & Patch, Fresno, CA
Law Office of Mina Ramirez, Modesto, CA
Law Office of Niceforo Avila Jr, Oakland, CA
Law Office of Parnell Fox, Visalia, CA
Law Office of Patrick Fourchy, Fresno, CA

Law Office of Peter Bradley, Fresno, CA
Law Office of Randall Rumph, Bakersfield, CA
Law Office of Randolf Krbechek, Fresno, CA
Law Office of Robert Poirier, Santa Ana, CA
Law Office of Rodney C. Haron, Fresno CA
Law Office of Tanya Gomerman APC, San Francisco, CA
Law Office of Vernon Nelson, Las Vegas, NV
Matrix Global Advisors, Washington, DC
Miles, Sears & Eanni, Fresno, CA
Mitchell & Chadwick LLP, Roseville, CA
Parker, Kern, Nard & Wenzel, Fresno CA
Premier Justice Law PC, Pasadena, CA
San Joaquin College of Law, Clovis, CA
Schwin Law, PC, Fresno, CA
The Bogan Law Firm, Modesto, CA
The Penstar Group, Fresno, CA
The Perez Law Firm, Visalia, CA
The Toce Law Firm, Lafayette, LA
The Wagner Law Group, Fresno, CA
Tryk Law, PC, Fresno, CA
Tulare County Counsel, Visalia, CA
Valley Immigration Law Group Inc., Fresno, CA
Valley Children’s Hospital, Madera, CA
Veritas Forensic Accounting & Economics, Sammamish, WA
Western Center on Law & Poverty, Los Angeles, CA
Williams, Brodersen & Pritchett LLP, Visalia, CA
Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman LLP, Fresno, CA
Yarra Law Group, Fresno, CA